The Story

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As the memory of King Edward faded, so did any remnant of chivalry. In the chaos that followed, kingdoms crumbled, alliances were broken, and friends betrayed friends.

Armed with only a few weapons and the will to survive (and an unhealthy fear of... well... everyone), you roam about, foraging for anything that will help you stay alive.

But so are a handful of other cunning battlers, each with the same determination to see your destruction...

"RUN!" screams the voice in your head. "Run from your enemies! Run from your friends! And RUN, for goodness sake, from the deadly plague that is closing in around you!"



Interesting choices of actions/responses ensure a high potential for dramatic moments and make Of Knights and Ninjas very replayable.


Every card’s action makes sense in a medieval story setting, guaranteeing simple to learn and easy to remember rules.


Each game lasts an average of 20 minutes, ensuring that you'll want to play another game. and another and another...

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A little bit of luck, and a whole lot of strategy!

On your turn, draw two cards and choose whether to ATTACK another player's kingdom, FORTIFY your own (with a CASTLE or ARCHER), or play a SPECIAL ACTION. When other players attack you, you may play a RESPOND card to reduce the number of gems they steal from you. The first player to own 10 gems wins the game.


# of Players


Minutes to Play

0 and up


About Blue Fox Games

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creative ~ enjoyable ~ memorable

We believe that playing games goes far beyond winning, and should be a creative social experience full of thematic story, interesting choices, and memorable moments.

Each game released by Blue Fox is forged in the creative mind of Josh McBride and given soul by the countless playtesters, collaborators, and talent that left their mark on our games.

Meet the Team


Josh McBride

Game Creator, Designer
Josh McBride is the creative mind and designer of Blue Fox Games. Inventing games is nothing new for him. As a young child, Josh preferred to use popular games merely as pieces to create his own games (which were sometimes painful for his parents to play with him). Now he keeps a notepad beside his bed to jot game ideas down when inspiration visits during the night.

Meghan McBride

Secretary, Inspiration
Meghan McBride is Josh's beautiful wife, indispensable secretary, and his overall inspiration. If it weren't for all of her hard work-- phone calls, emails, and paperwork would become excuses to procrastinate.

Together, Josh and Meghan serve the indigenous people in the mountains of Costa Rica with their year-old son and their dog named Ninja...


Players, Supporters
Blue Fox Games is brought to life by your anticipation, your ideas, and your horrified gasps when someone turns your king into a traitor.

Thank you for being a part of the Blue Fox Community by sharing your excitement with your friends and by backing our kickstarter. We can't wait to bring medieval feudalism back to your dining room table.

Feel free to contact me for anything...

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